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A Message From Stan

So here we are, citizens of California.  I know that because you are even visiting this page, the topic of splitting the state has piqued your interest, if not compelled you to do even more. 

For those of you in Generation X and earlier, you know it wasn’t always this way.  Once upon a time, even as recently as fifteen years ago, California wasn’t just a beautiful geography—it was prosperous, it had job opportunities, it had feasible home ownership opportunities.

Somewhere along the way, we lost our luster.  Politicians have come and gone, and despite well intentioned promises, not much has changed.  The current economic climate has impacted more than just taxes, it has impacted Californians opportunities for employment, for education, for stability, and just about every facet of daily life.  People tend to react one of two ways—they remain steady and hope things improve, or sadly, they leave the state for good in search of better opportunities in less bureaucracy.

I propose that splitting the state will give us a new beginning, and a government the size of which is not just manageable, but truly in tune with the wishes of its people.  This is new, and large scale, but nothing great was built without revolutionary ideas and hard work.  Join me in this journey.  To use the words of the Honorable (Ret.) Governor Schwarzenegger, “Let’s bring California back.”


  Together, we can make a difference!